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"Speak a new language so that the world will be a new world." ~Rumi 

Welcome Message from the Head of EAL

My name is Katie White and I'm the Head of EAL at ASHK. Our ethos is Welcome, Encourage, and Celebrate. We believe in valuing and supporting our emergent multilingual students. English language learners have a rich linguistic background which can enrich our whole school with the diverse cultures and knowledge that they bring to the classroom. We value the assets, potential and contributions our emergent bilingual students bring to our school community.

Katie Whitehead

Katie White, Head of EAL

Overview of the EAL Program at ASHK

At ASHK, students who are learning English as an additional language (EAL) are supported by EAL specialist teachers who carry out the mission of the school while helping students to belong, flourish, achieve and excel at their learning goals.
We are proud of our linguistically diverse, culturally rich school community. We welcome emergent bilingual students, and value the assets, potential and contributions they bring to our learning community. With English being the common global language today, attaining English language proficiency is key not just to academic success at international schools and universities, but also to gain an edge and stay competitive in today’s globalized workplace.

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As part of our individualized learning approach, ASHK’s Excel English is comprised of two English Language Learning programs for families looking for a high-quality international education for children who are still developing their English language skills: Foundational English Program (FEP), and Mainstream EAL Program.

In both programs, students benefit from an academically rigorous standards-based curriculum and inquiry-based learning approach while being supported to acquire the English language skills they need to succeed. We ensure a low student-teacher ratio for optimal learning, with lessons tailored to individual language needs. Our experienced specialist language teachers nurture students to success by providing targeted instruction that is tailored to each child’s individual needs for English language development whilst enabling full access to the curriculum.

Unique Features of the EAL Program at ASHK

Two EAL Programs of Support

English Proficiency Assessment

Our EAL Program uses a standard English proficiency assessment aligned with WIDA standards during the Admissions process in order to place qualifying students in the program. Students are assessed throughout the semester to ensure they are achieving growth and to track their progress and development in all four language domains. Students receive individualized feedback through class projects, presentations, homework, quizzes, and tests and student achievement is regularly shared with the EAL department, classroom teachers and parents. The program also utilizes various online tools designed to effectively track improvements in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The end of semester English Assessment is a significant factor in determining if the student has met the program's exit criteria.

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Are you a parent interested in international education for your child but have concerns about their proficiency in the English language?

Contact us for more information about EAL at ASHK and register for a personalized English assessment!