Personal & Social Development

At ASHK, we are focused on developing well-rounded individuals. Intellectual development is of paramount importance but significant emphasis is also placed on the social, emotional, physical, and creative domains. ASHK promotes social responsibility from an early age by introducing community-based projects that develop students’ sense of responsibility and concern for others. ASHK enables students to build a cohesive worldview, empowering them to make the right choices, developing their imagination and creativity, and supporting their development as internationally-minded global citizens.

Through participation in community based projects and Extra Curricular Activities (ECAs), students are provided with opportunities to develop and refine their leadership skills. Many ECAs have an executive membership responsible for developing the club’s mission and related activities. Students are challenged to set agendas, identify goals, strengthen their organizational skills, establish strong communication skills, execute plans and learn more about the value of flexibility and adaptability. Through these experiences, they grow to appreciate the importance of teamwork.

As the school matures, a broad range of ECAs offered at ASHK will continue to grow. These ECAs meet on a regular basis either at lunch-time, after-school, or as part of weekend activities. All of these activities have a teacher assigned as a supervisor. ECAs that are being offered, or planned for next year, include the following: Student Council, Model United Nations (MUN), UNICEF, School Yearbook, Battle of the Books, Brownies, Environment Club, and Habitat for Humanity.

Through all of these learning opportunities, both inside and outside of the classroom, the ASHK program supports students with holistic development - social, physical, emotional, creative, and academic - which serves to meet each child’s interests and needs.