Wushu junior world champion Jada Nicole He is trained by two elite martial artists - who happen to be her parents

When both of your parents are former world champions, the pressure can really be on to perform. But up-and-coming wushu star Jada Nicole He is certain she won’t live in the shadow of her high-achieving family members.

The martial art is certainly in Jada’s blood. She’s not yet hit her teens, but she is already a two-time junior world champion in gunshu – a form of wushu in which the athletes use a staff as a weapon. After taking her first title at the 6th World Junior Wushu Championships in Bulgaria in 2016, she successfully defended her crown at the following championship in Brazil in 2018.

Looking back on her international debut in 2016 still brings a twinkle to the preteen’s eyes. She had never expected her career to get off to such a flying start.

“I didn’t set any high goals for my first international competition; I was quite nervous actually. But I got so motivated to do well when my teammates shouted ‘add oil!’,” Jada recalled.

Growing up in a wushu household, the American School Hong Kong student began her formal training when she was six, having watched her parents coach other athletes for years. Read More......

Source: SCMP Young Post