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Our annual Thanksgiving family picnic and assembly was a special way to spend some quality time in the sunshine, surrounded by fresh air, loved ones and an endless array of culinary delights!
During assembly, we presented certificates to those students who best embodied this month's key focus: Balance. To round up the afternoon, students were invited to each write a thank you card, to the staff member of their choice, to show their gratitude. A big thank you to all those who came to join us, and also to our wonderful ASPA. We hope you all had a great afternoon.
Happy Thanksgiving!


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Congratulations to Jolie Ng, who has been awarded Grand Honors in Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth's Talent Search! She will be celebrating her achievements on Saturday, November 23rd at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Currently 10 years of age (Grade 8), Jolie has already completed several university-level Math courses, AP courses and more. She is on track to possibly enter university as a 14 year old!

Well done, Jolie!

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