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College Counseling

As soon as students leave Middle School and enter High School the college and university search program will begin. ASHK College Counselors will support students in all aspects of the university admissions process including researching universities, preparing for standardized testing, assisting with writing the personal statement, applying for financial aid, selecting potential careers, and making final decisions regarding university applications. Esol Education enjoys a strong relationship with many of the US and Canada’s leading universities as over 500 students graduate annually from Esol schools and approximately 70% move on to universities in the US and Canada. ASHK counselors will host a university night and will also forge a strong relationship with admissions officers at many of the world’s leading universities.

Every Esol school provides professional college placement counseling with a view to helping each student determine which institutions to apply to based on individual abilities and interests. Our counseling teams ensure that each student fulfills the requirements for admission to the institution(s) he/she applies to, and helps maximize each student’s chances for admission to the institution of his/her choice.