Admissions Interview Strategies | American School Hong Kong

Admissions Interview Strategies | American School Hong Kong

4 Things You Must Know When Applying to International Schools!The international school environment provides the opportunity for children to meet people from different countries and allows them to gain a comprehensive understanding of different cultures at a young age. This educational pathway is favorable and provides a multicultural learning environment. In recent years, international schools have become a popular educational pathway.

With this in mind, what are areas that you need to pay special attention to when applying to international schools? This article will provide you with 4 tips for applying to international schools, as well as interview strategies that can help the applicants. 

Teaching model 4 Things To Bear In Mind When Apply and Interviewing For International Schools

#1: Guide your child to be comfortable with the English language

The main language of instruction in international schools is English, leading to a requirement of a certain level of English proficiency. Parents should nurture their child’s English communication skills and teach them how to confidently introduce themselves in English. Older children should be more proactive during the interview by taking the initiative to speak and interact with the interviewer, showcasing their curiosity and enthusiasm.

ASHK student presentation

Another great option would be to develop your child’s public speaking skills in English, allowing them to increase their self-confidence when expressing themselves.

#2: Consciousness of Your Child's Mental and Physical Condition

Parents should be aware of their child's psychological and physical state before the interview process. Oftentimes, parents themselves are anxious, transferring this state of mind to their child. When a child is nervous, it will affect their performance during the interview. It is recommended that parents provide their child with a brief introduction to the school, by either browsing the school website together or joining a campus tour to familiarize their child with the environment. In addition, if your child is not feeling well or has fallen ill, you may reschedule the interview with the school.

#3: Understanding the Application Process and Deadlines

If you are interested in applying to a specific international school, it is important to take note of the details, application process, and dates. Application timelines and procedures can vary from school to school, it is very important to visit each school's website to understand more information.

#4: Admissions Interview Preparation

The format of the admissions interview varies, so you may ask the admissions team for more information before applying to the school. American School Hong Kong (ASHK), for instance, has different interview formats for KG - grade 1 students, and grades 2 - 11 students. Students in KG - grade 1 are interviewed in a conversational format to understand their English level and readiness for a certain grade level, and they are not required to take a written task. On the other hand, grade 2 - 11 students are required to take a test covering math, reading comprehension, and essay writing.

About American School Hong Kong (ASHK)

ASHK provides a holistic American and international education for students from KG - grade 12 (5 to 17 years old). Students are nurtured to be independent critical thinkers and responsible global citizens who excel in their future studies and careers. 

ASHK employs a rolling admissions policy, accepting new students throughout the year. Parents who are interested in joining the ASHK community can apply online, click here to learn more about the application procedures or contact the ASHK admissions team for more information. You are also welcome to join a School Tour, visiting the beautiful Tai Po campus to get a first-hand experience.

Parents participating at ASHK school tour

If there are information sessions or other school events, parents should take the opportunity to learn more about the school’s culture, values, and application process!