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At American School Hong Kong, we are focused on developing a warm, welcoming, and supportive international school environment for everyone. We also strive to have a diverse community where differences are celebrated and utilized as a learning tool. 

Every now and then, our students, parents, and teachers gather around and have festive celebrations. We dress in national clothing, involve in cultural activities, perform dances or songs connected to our countries, and share food from different parts of the world. We strive to develop our students as global citizens in an international school environment.

With the mission to develop responsible global citizens, ASHK’s program continues to expand to offer exciting learning opportunities that allow all of our students to understand what it means to embrace, respect, and support people from all around the world. We are really proud of the community we have built.

Take a look at the video below to learn more about our community!

The ASHK Community

What our community says about ASHK

Karina (Grade 5 Student)

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My name is Karina, I am a new student in Grade 5 this year. I remembered on my first day of school, I felt shy and nervous. When I first approached the school campus, I was happily greeted by many teachers. When I walked up to my classroom, my homeroom teacher and classmates also welcomed me delightfully. They were kind.

After each assessment at school, teachers gave me feedback to help me better understand which areas I need to improve on. My classmates are also very caring and they took the initiative to ask me to play together during recess. They also taught me how to play different games! I feel joyful when I come to school everyday.

Connie (Parent of Oscar, Grade 7)

Photo for Oscar

ASHK strongly emphasizes on providing support to students both academically and emotionally, which I treasured the most. The curriculum is also well-designed where teachers make classes fun and engaging for students to build interest in that subject area.

I am delighted to see all the positive changes Oscar has made and how he has grown to become a wonderful student. I would like to thank all the teachers here at ASHK!

Rylan (Grade 6 Student)

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On my first day of school at ASHK, I felt welcomed by the community. The students and teachers were were kind and caring.

King (Grade 5 Student)

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I joined ASHK when I was in Grade 4. I really enjoy coming to ASHK, my classmates and teachers are all very nice!

Ms. Rita (KG Educational Assistant)

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I am Ms. Rita, an Educational Assistant for KG. Our students often engage in community based activities where they learn to share the warmth beyond the ASHK community. Earlier this year, I personally knew a family in the Philippines experiencing financial hardship due to physical and mental health conerns. I decided to reach out to the ASHK community to share their story and kindly asked if they would be willing to donate to help with their daily and medical needs.

I was so happy to see the kindness and empathy the ASHK community showed to a family that was in need. I am really grateful to be part of this school community.

Fiona (Grade 7 Student)

My school, American School Hong Kong, which I am very proud of, resembles a welcoming, caring, and a supportive community. This is true because before I came to this school I was more of a reserved and introverted person. For instance; I always was too nervous answer questions, barely reached out to people, never tried to make any new friends, etc. However once I joined this amazing school, I felt very welcomed by all of the teachers and my peers. The teachers care about each one of us individually and tries to reach out to us whenever they have the opportunity. During this pandemic, I also felt very persuaded to share about my feelings and emotions, especially when I answered the questions of the day during zoom classes and the wellness survey's I have to fill in during TAP class. I consider myself very fortunate to be in this school since it truly shaped the way I am today. Now I am more outgoing and confident person compared to before and am very proud to be a member of this community that offers an holistic and excellent approach to education.