ASHK strives to have a diverse community where differences are celebrated and utilized as a learning tool. An annual International Festival is held, where students and parents dress in their countries’ national clothing, perform dances or songs connected to that country, share authentic cultural activities from around the world, and enjoy food from different regions as part of their experience as a global citizen in an international school environment. A diverse school makes students more open-minded and instills in students the core values of respect for others and tolerance of other cultures and religions. The diverse school environment, classroom conversations, special school events, field trips, and service opportunities all support the learner profile development of being internationally minded. With the mission to create responsible global citizens, ASHK’s program continues to expand to offer exciting learning opportunities that allow all of our students to understand what it means to embrace, respect, and support people from all around the world.

Take a look at the music performance by ASHK students in 2019 Christmas Assembly. The song is written by our music teacher, Mr. Liam Callan!