ASHK is a through-train international school for children ages 5 - 17 that offers a seamless transition from Elementary School to Secondary School. With teachers who are experts in their fields, ASHK aims to deliver an inspiring, well-rounded education, fostering students to be scholars and critical thinkers while developing strong personal efficacy and an ambitious work ethic. ASHK offers:

High Academic Standards

Following the US Common Core standards and adopting an inquiry-based approach to learning, ASHK’s enriched American curriculum includes a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) focus, and offers students a strong Chinese language program. External exams such as the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) allows the school to benchmark student progress and achievement against world averages.

Holistic Approach

Like all Esol Education schools, ASHK’s holistic approach to education aims to develop each student intellectually, emotionally, and socially. Students build a cohesive worldview, make the right choices, and develop their imagination.

Holistic Approach

All-Round Personal Development

ASHK integrates sports, arts, drama, and music within the curriculum, and offers a diverse array of after-school activities. ASHK provides opportunities to develop multi-faceted skills, promoting health, fitness, creative abilities and talents. Participation in national and international competitions, opportunities for public speaking, debating and involvement in Model United Nations (MUN), World Scholars Cup, and Mathematics Olympiad further facilitate student development.

Successful Learning Communities

With strong core values based on mutual respect, care for the individual, self-discipline, child protection, and a focus on responsibility and positive relationships, ASHK safeguards, guides, and supports students by working closely with parents to ensure a strong school-home relationship.

Successful Learning Communities