Tuition and Fees

Annual Tuition Fee*
Grade Academic Year 2023-2024
KG (Reception) HK$154,500
Grade 1-4 HK$178,000
Grade 5-6 HK$189,500
Grade 7-8 HK$198,500
Grade 9-10 HK$209,500
Grade 11-12 HK$220,500

3 months notice is required to withdraw a student.

Other Fees

Application Fee


Payable along with the Application Form, non-refundable**.

Capital Fee


Newly-admitted students will be required to pay this non-refundable fee or be covered by a debenture.

HK$26,500 This Annual Capital Fee is for re-enrolling students. This fee may be reviewed and adjusted from time to time.

Other Costs


Other education related costs on top of tuition may include but are not limited to: compulsory school uniforms, bus service (optional), some field trips and student activities, lunches (optional), some educational resources and materials, and IB Exam Fees.


Individual Debenture


Allows the holder to nominate one child for admissions to ASHK if nominee meets ASHK’s admissions requirements, Non-transferable, non-interest bearing. Fully refunded if nominee does not meet admissions requirements. Seven-year depreciation schedule. Nominee is exempted from Annual Capital Fee for the first seven years of attendance.

Corporate Debenture


Limited amount will be issued. Nominee of the debenture holder is given the highest priority for admissions to ASHK if nominee meets admissions requirements. Non-refundable, non-interest bearing but transferable. Valid for 15 years. Nominee is exempted from Annual Capital Fee.

The Capital Fees and Debentures are used to help finance the construction and maintenance of the School, the acquisition of new facilities and equipment, and additions to, enhancement and replacement of these facilities thereafter.

*All tuition and fees are subject to the approval of the Hong Kong Education Bureau.

** The HK$900 application fee covers the costs of all admissions processes, and the relevant materials and/or online testing subscriptions.

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