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Tuition and Fees

Grade Annual Tuition Fee 2018-2019
KG2 HK$146,000
Grade 1-4 HK$168,500
Grade 5-6 HK$179,500
Grade 7-8 HK$187,500


3 months notice is required to withdraw a student.

Other Fees



Application Fee


Payable along with the Application Form, non-refundable**.

Capital Fee


Newly-admitted students will be required to pay this non-refundable fee or be covered by a debenture.

HK$20,000 Annual Capital Fees remain at $20,000 for re-enrolling students in 2019-2020. This fee may be reviewed and adjusted from time to time.

Other Costs


Other education related costs on top of tuition may include but are not limited to: compulsory school uniforms and bus service, some field trips and student activities, lunches (optional), and some educational resources and materials.

*All tuition and fees are subject to the approval of the Hong Kong Education Bureau.

** The HK$900 application fee covers the costs of all admissions processes, and the relevant materials and/or online testing subscriptions.

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