Stanford Pre-Collegiate Program

Through Esol Education’s collaboration with the Stanford Pre-Collegiate International Institutes, ASHK students aged 14 years and older will have the opportunity to join their fellow Esol students at a two-week summer program, where they experience college-life at Stanford, one of the world’s top-ranked universities.

Stanford Pre-Collegiate International Institutes collaborate with top-tier high schools and educational organizations from around the world to bring groups of students to Stanford's campus. Students are selected by their schools based on criteria set forth by the International Institutes. The program seeks students who are passionate about learning, and who have an interest in gaining an international educational experience.

Motivated students who attend the Stanford Pre-Collegiate International Institutes are exposed to university level content and teaching style in a classroom that fosters communication, innovation, and creativity. The style of instruction is designed to foster a passion for intellectual pursuit and allows students to engage in a transformational educational experience. Students have the opportunity to interact with students from around the world for a culturally enriching experience.

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