Bus & Lunch


Consult the route list for pick-up locations and prices. Families should create a login account and register on the KCM webpage. All bus service enquiries should be directed to Kwoon Chung Motors Co. Ltd.

Contact Details
Telephone: 2979 8798

Food Service Lunch Service – Nine to Five

Parents may order school lunches for their child on a monthly basis from our lunch service provider. The school works with Nine to Five to ensure that all lunches and snacks available from the café are safe, nutritious, and fresh. The first month’s order form can be found as an attachment with the Parent Handbook in the same email message.


Parents are encouraged to send a nutritious snack to school with their child. Small sandwiches, crackers, fruit and vegetables are appropriate. We discourage sweets, chips, and cookies. Please ensure that your child is able to open and close their snack containers. A small, unbreakable, easy-to-open water bottle with a strap should also be included. Please ensure that your child’s name is clearly written on their snack container and water bottle.

Tuck Shop

Students in Grade 3 or above are permitted to purchase snacks at the Nine to Five Tuck Shop.