Extra Curricular Activities (ECA)

Holistic Development Through Extra-Curricular Activities

Holistic education reflects the education of the whole child. The focus is on the fullest development of the person. It emphasises education of the student not just through an academic curriculum but beyond the confines of the classroom as well.

One of the best ways to support students with holistic development is to offer a wide assortment of extra-curricular activities outside of the classroom and to encourage students to participate in ones that meet their interests and needs. Involvement in extra-curricular activities will also help form an exciting dynamic that promises to shape the ASHK community in meaningful ways.

Leadership and Clubs

At ASHK, we are very committed to providing opportunities for students to develop and refine leadership skills. We will not be satisfied with a passive learner who is unwilling to assume a reasonable expectation of ownership and responsibility for their education. Leadership skills will be modeled and taught. Numerous opportunities to exercise leadership will be provided. Feedback and reinforcement from teachers will be forthcoming.

Many students will exercise their leadership growth plan through clubs. All clubs will have an executive membership responsible for developing the club’s mission and related activities. As part of an executive, students will strengthen their organizational skills and learn more about the value of flexibility and adaptability. They will practice communication skills. Setting appropriate goals and priorities for the club and balancing these with academic considerations will require the development of negotiation, problem-solving and decision-making skills. They will learn to respect the rights and contributions of others and they will grow to appreciate the importance of team-work.

The net result is a broad range of clubs will be offered at ASHK. They will meet on a regular basis at lunch-time, after-school or as part of week-end activities. All will have a teacher assigned to the club as a supervisor. They will cater to various interests and needs. Students will be challenged to assume leadership roles within the clubs and push boundaries in positive ways.

As the school grows, we anticipate that the following clubs will be offered at ASHK: Student Council, Environment Club; Habitat for Humanity; Global Issues Network (GIN); UNICEF; Amnesty International, Model United Nations, School Yearbook, School Newspaper, Chinese Magazine Club, Chess Club, Culinary Club, Math Team, Digital Ambassadors, Photography Club, Tutor Club, Debate Team and Battle of the Books Team.

Service Activities

We have embedded in our Mission Statement a goal to develop in students the skills necessary to become responsible global citizens. Service activities form a vital element in the attainment of this goal. Service is at the heart of our mission. We believe that members of our school community have a social responsibility to give back to the community and to the wider one as well - not only because it is part of the ethos of an international school and a requirement for students enrolled in an IB Diploma Program but because it also has enormous benefits for the one who gives.

Students at ASHK can become involved by providing direct service to other members of their school community (i.e. tutor, usher, digital ambassador, score-keeper, lunch monitor, and "buddy" for new student). Some will connect with the wider community as volunteers in hospitals and homes for the aged and some will travel as part of an experiential learning opportunity to work in an orphanage or rural school, engage in a beach clean-up, or participate in a home-build through Habitat for Humanity.

Fine and Performing Arts

The Fine and Performing Arts will be given a high priority at all age levels at ASHK. According to Benjamin Bloom and his theory on thinking skills, creativity is the highest rung on the cognitive ladder. Involvement in the Arts is associated with gains in mathematics, verbal skills, cognitive ability, and critical thinking. In addition, we are of the view that an Arts education not only inspires intrinsic pleasure and stimulation but can also improve motivation, confidence and teamwork. Arts education will help young children begin to find meaning in life and open their minds to multiple ways of seeing.

Students at every level will have opportunities to join after-school ensembles and perform on stage. As the school grows, choirs and bands will be at the heart of the school’s musical life and theatre and dance productions will become part of an expected tradition at ASHK. Performance options will include musicals, comedy, drama or one-act plays. Our mission is to encourage maximum participation and to provide quality experiences for students that are rich, varied and enjoyable.


Participation in sports is an integral and enjoyable part of a child’s development and of the overall ASHK curriculum plan. We believe in the close relationship that exists between a healthy body and a healthy mind. Our goal is to motivate and involve large numbers of students to participate in sports and to foster in them a sense of respect and confidence, an understanding of commitment, the significance of teamwork, and the desire to dedicate energy toward the pursuit of established goals. We are committed to offering a dynamic and exciting programme in line with the many varied interests that exist.

Elementary School students are introduced to athletics as part of a balanced PE programme and through after school learn-to-play ECAs. They will discover the joy of movement, learn about their bodies and develop physical and cognitive skills that begin to lay the foundation for participation in team and individual sports, and lifelong health.

The older students in the Elementary School will have lunch-time intra-mural sports (i.e. basketball, soccer) available to them. These will be complemented by additional opportunities for inter-school competition in friendly matches and invitational tournaments (i.e. soccer, badminton, track and field) within the local and regional leagues.

The focus for our competitive teams will be with the International School Sports Federation of Hong Kong (ISSFHK). Sports available are usually offered in 4 age categories - U12, U14, U16 and U20. As the school grows, sports offered will include Soccer, Cross Country, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Swimming, Track and Field, Rugby, Tennis, and Golf.


The Intramural programme is designed for students who are looking to play sports in a less-structured and competitive atmosphere. Our primary aim is to provide students with an enjoyable, stress-free, social activity in a relaxed environment. Our secondary aim is to provide an outlet for exercise, skill development and to promote the value of sportsmanship and teamwork. Students are encouraged to play to the best of their ability. A win-at-all costs attitude is discouraged. The value of Intramural sports comes from playing, not from winning.

Intramurals are normally offered at lunch-time but some will be available after school. Activities typically include the following: basketball, soccer, dodgeball, cooperative games, indoor soccer, and floor hockey.

Student leadership is critical to the success of the intramural programme. The Student Council or Athletic council will take a lead with the organization and implementation of the programme and will be assisted by the school’s Athletic Director and PE teachers.