Extra Curricular Activities

At ASHK, we are focused on developing well-rounded individuals. Intellectual development is of paramount importance but significant emphasis will also be placed on the social, emotional, physical and creative domains. One of the ways the school can support students with holistic development is to offer a wide assortment of Extra Curricular Activities (ECAs), outside of the classroom, that serve to meet their interests and needs.

Leadership and Clubs

ASHK promotes social responsibility from an early age by introducing community-based projects that develop these students’ sense of responsibility and concern for others. ASHK enables students to build a cohesive worldview, empowering them to make the right choices, developing their imagination and creativity, and supporting their development as internationally minded, global citizens.

Through participation in community based projects and clubs, students are provided with opportunities to develop and refine their leadership skills. Many clubs have an executive membership responsible for developing the club’s mission and related activities. Students are challenged to set agendas, identify goals, strengthen their organizational skills, establish strong communication skills, execute plans, and learn more about the value of flexibility and adaptability. Through these experiences, they grow to appreciate the importance of teamwork.

As the school matures, a broad range of clubs offered at ASHK will continue to grow. They meet on a regular basis either at lunch-time, after-school, or as part of weekend activities. All have a teacher assigned to the club as a supervisor. Clubs that are being offered, or planned for next year, include the following: Student Council, Model United Nations (MUN), UNICEF, School Yearbook, Battle of the Books, Brownies, Environment Club, and Habitat for Humanity.

Through participation in community based projects and clubs, ASHK students will be provided with numerous opportunities to develop and refine their leadership skills.

Fine and Performing Arts

From visual arts, to choir, band, dance, and drama, students at ASHK will have numerous opportunities to channel their creative instincts and to immerse themselves in a program that suits their talents and interests.

As part of the regular program for students at all grade levels, specialist teachers in music and visual arts engage students in creative outlets. Students also have opportunities to join an after-school or lunchtime art club or choir. Middle school brass and woodwind ensembles have become an integral part of the school’s musical life and theatre productions will be introduced. Our mission is to encourage maximum participation in the creative realm and to provide enjoyable experiences for students.

Physical Education (PE) and Athletics

The PE curriculum helps students develop an understanding of what they need in order to make a commitment to healthy active living. Participation in our after school learn-to-play and competitive sports program is an extension of the PE program and seen as an integral and enjoyable part of a child’s development and of the overall ASHK curriculum plan. Through participation in sports, students learn to appreciate the close relationship that exists between a healthy body and healthy mind.

The youngest students in the school are introduced to sports as part of a balanced PE program. They are also invited to participate in intramurals (i.e. basketball, soccer, dodgeball) and in after-school learn-to-play programs.

We are full members of the International Schools Sports Federation of Hong Kong (ISSFHK) and, beginning with 10-year-old students, have entered teams in some of the competitions offered by the league such as cross-country, soccer, track and field, badminton, basketball, volleyball, tennis, swimming, and rugby.