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Middle School

The Middle School will continue to build on the programs implemented within the Elementary School. The US Common Core (math and English), Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and American Education Reaches Out (AERO) Social Studies Standards provide the framework for learning.

The Middle School (grades 6 - 8) provides a transitional bridge between the more child-centered, self-contained classroom of the Elementary School and the curriculum based departmental focus of High School. Healthy relationships are of paramount importance when working with 10-14 year olds where the widest range of differences in terms of physical, social, and intellectual growth is typically found. An understanding of adolescent development during this critical phase underpins the Middle School program. In response, the school has introduced a Teacher Advisor Program (TAP) along with a Personal, Social and Emotional (PSE) curriculum framework, and is committed to the development of strong character and life skills in our students.

The Middle School has also introduced leadership development programs and activities such as Model United Nations, Week Without Walls, and National History Day, which are all designed to promote responsible global citizenship.