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High School

Enrollment in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program is the preferred option for High School students with a pre-IB program in grades 9 & 10 and the full diploma program in grades 11 & 12. The IB Diploma is a college preparatory program characterized by its intellectual rigor, liberal arts tradition, and international flavor. The curriculum promotes critical and analytical thinking. The IB Diploma is recognized as an excellent credential or “gold standard” passport for admission into top tier colleges or universities in English-speaking countries worldwide.

Students will have the choice of either completing a US High School Diploma, the full IB Diploma, or a US High School Diploma which includes some IB classes.

Students will engage in group projects requiring analytical thinking, extensive research and collaboration whilst continuing to develop their learning through the STEAM approach.

ASHK will provide college counseling and career guidance for students including support and assistance for those students choosing to write the SAT’s and providing students with opportunities to interact with representatives from top US and Canadian universities.

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