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Academic Program

The Chinese program at ASHK offers different streams to meet the Chinese language development needs of all students. Simplified characters are taught in Chinese Foundation Level (CFL) and Chinese Standard Level (CSL), and traditional characters are taught in Chinese Higher Level (CHL) and Chinese Advanced Level (CAL). The Chinese program is delivered with a holistic approach, with an emphasis on language ability, and it covers different aspects including moral character, Chinese culture and thinking. Teaching materials cover the four aspects of listening, speaking, reading and writing, to foster the balanced Chinese language development of the students. In addition to academic activities, opportunities including project study, field trips and cultural exchanges are offered, with the aim of providing a balanced and joyful learning experience for all students.

Lesson Time

There are five lessons a week for all grade levels, and our Chinese program offers different streams for students with different learning needs:

CAL - Chinese Advanced Level (Chinese for proficient/native communicators)

CHL - Chinese Higher Level (Chinese for near native communicators)

CSL - Chinese Standard Level (Chinese for capable communicators)

CFL - Chinese Foundation Level (Chinese for beginning/emergent communicators)

Local materials are used along with school based materials. Language level of CAL students attain the requirements of the Education Bureau.

Adjustments are made with CAL materials to suit the learning needs for CHL students.

Delivered with teaching style of 'Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling', along with providing customized school based materials, the goal is to develop the all-rounded language ability of students. The syllabus refers to the Chinese language standards of American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), Youth Chinese Test (YCT) and Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK).

Assessment for Streaming Students

1) New Students are assessed by Chinese teachers with their classroom performances and assessment results during the first two weeks of school, to determine their appropriate streams.

2) Returning Students are assigned to a suitable stream by their Chinese teachers according to their previous performances.

3) Chinese teachers can adjust the stream of the students according to students' language ability in the middle of the school year.

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Extra-Curricular Activities

To help students to develop their personal interests and understand Chinese cultural heritage, ASHK creates an active and open learning environment, and offers extra-curricular activities such as Chinese dance, Chinese music, Chinese studies, calligraphy and Chinese painting.

ASHK has established WuShu and Speech Team.

WuShu Team - ASHK actively promotes WuShu, to cultivate students' perseverance, discipline and spirit of self-challenging. Both WuShu coaches are world champions. One of whom is the current coach for Hong Kong WuShu Team, and another one is Action Choreographer for many movies.

Speech Team - Let students realize their potential, build their self-confidence, raise their perspectives, communication skills, creativity and sense of arts. Experience the state of mind of others through role swapping, so as to learn to understand others, and to introspect and adjust to facilitate personal growth. The instructor was graduated from the Shanghai Theater Academy and was a judge for the Hong Kong Speech Festival, and is currently a judge for major recitation competitions in Hong Kong.

Field Trip

Field trips are related to Chinese units that the students are learning. All grades will have their field trip arrangements.

Cultural Exchange - Chinese Summer Camp

Beijing Summer Camp - Beijing is China's capital with a lot of cultural heritage and a long history. ASHK cooperates with Beijing Language and Culture University for the summer camp, and all courses are delivered by teachers in  Beijing Language and Culture University. Students will have the opportunity to travel to Beijing, and have a three-day trip to other provinces, and travel to cities like Inner Mongolia and Xi'an, to dive deeply in Chinese culture.

Taiwan Summer Camp - Taiwan is a treasure land where profound Chinese heritage is preserved. Through a series of well-designed Chinese courses and cultural activities, students will become explorers and learn to listen, observe and discover, and enhance their ability to communicate in Chinese.

GuangZhou WuShu Camp - With traditional kung fu and gratitude education as a starting point, it guides students to cultivate good behavior and personal quality, and to stimulate their spirit of self-improvement and harmonious life values.