Welcome Message from the School Director

I am pleased to welcome you to the American School Hong Kong (ASHK). We are delighted to have this opportunity to share our vision as we continue to build a top-tier, KG - grade 12, International School in Tai Po in the New Territories of Hong Kong.

As we embark on our 3rd year of operation, we are pleased that our elementary and middle school divisions have a strong foothold. In 2019/20, we will launch our High School program. These are exciting times for us as we grow our school in a professional, positive, and collaborative manner and based on best-practice models. Our developmental plan addresses what the research says about the characteristics of successful international schools. One of the key aspects is that curriculum, instruction, and assessment are all aligned with standards and that a pattern of frequent monitoring of teaching and learning has been established. We also know that successful international schools have developed a clear and shared focus and have high standards and expectations.

We have high expectation of ourselves. We have hired a team of dedicated and professional teachers who will actively engage our students in an enriched program characterized by its rigor, holistic approach, inspirational nature, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts & Mathematics) focus, and US Common Core. We take pride in knowing that we have built a learning community where care and respect for one another is of paramount importance.

We are proud to be a member of the Esol family of schools and the first Esol international school located in South-East Asia.

Personally, I consider myself fortunate to have worked in the educational sector for 35+ years. I view my occupation more in the realm of vocation than profession. Working with the many fine children who come through the doors of a school on a daily basis is an honor and privilege and with it comes great responsibility and joy.

I welcome you to spend some time on this website and to stay tuned for updates and news regarding program developments, information sessions, and school registration procedures.

John Jalsevac
School Director

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